The Challenge

Mom challenged me, this is her fault. I guess it has been all along (a different post, or 36 😉 )

The challenge of writing is not so much putting words down as it is living with the terror that others might actually read them. There is certainly not a shortage of topics (of which I am sure I can drudge up a few thoughts or opinions). Nor are there things I am interested in or find cool (kitchen tips are also a different post, as are thoughts on the sociopolitical impacts of Pokemon Go).There are even a few things I could suggest about how the world needs to improve… But choosing something I would ask you to take the time to read is another matter. A daunting matter; a challenge.

I think, however, that it is a good challenge to overcome. The ability to codify ideas and feelings is important in the comprehension of issues, both personal or global. To write down an idea is to have it stare back at you; to address you, just as the writer does the reader.It opens us up to criticism at a later time, for who knows when anything will be read, or how things may have changed by then. Immediate worth is a tall task, timelessness even taller.

But the challenge in the title is when mom challenged me to blog more in hopes it spurs further writings (and I share that hope as well), and so I will try to do a better job this time. I will try to find constructive things to say about the world around me, my experience, or things I think it is of benefit for you to be aware. Topics will include music, philosophy, the impacts of language, being a new father/homeowner/”adult”, and probably sports, food, and weirder things (nerd alert!). This was an exercise in writing, only slightly better than an all out free write. Thanks for giving me a few minutes, I hope to earn a few more.




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And more about me…

A bit about who I am:

I grew up in the middle of nowhere (ask my family) on the Stonington Peninsula, Delta County, MI. When I was very young we had horses and chickens and goats. My parents had moved up from “the city” to homestead in the late 70s and had found a little place of their one at the edge of a meadow. When I say little, I mean small. It was 16′ by 20′ one story, no power or running water, and an outhouse. It was the greatest home ever. We have added two additions and a second story(including a bathroom), as well as continue to work on the property. And last summer moms garden was protected by a fence for the first time; oddly enough you get more yield if the deer don’t eat everything.

When I was seven we moved into Escanaba into an apartment above my parents business on main street. More than a little culture shock eventually gave way and I got used to the idea of having a “neighborhood.”

When I was ten I was introduced to Heavy Metal (thank you Nichole!) and started teaching myself to drum to Metallica and Alice In Chains tapes in his basement It took many years and the gift of a conga (MEOW!) before I figured out I could play my mothers music, which I have been doing for the last 6 years in a band called ‘SKI ( with my mother (Kathryn) and sister(Caitlin). We play mostly original songs written by mom and Cait on acoustic guitar, drums, and flute; and we happen to be pretty awesome (he said with his world-famous humility).  Don’t worry, I will say lots more about ‘SKI in other blogs. (COME TO OUR SHOW IN MUNISING AND ESCANABA THIS APRIL!!!!!!!!!!)

Sorry for the shameless plug at the end, but I have shameless moments. 😉

I am running out of time again, so I guess I will stop here.

I promise to do more blog and a little less bio soon.


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Here I sit…

This is my first random blog. I am actually writing it simply to have begun the process. 😉

Now that I got that out of the way:

Greetings! My name is Brian and I have started this blog for many reasons, so it may seem to be drastically different from post to post. I will start with an introduction of sorts. I tend to be frenetic in at least mind and I have put a lot of time and thought into many different aspects of my life. In short: It will take many posts before I finish introducing myself.

I am a 30 year old (nearly 31) male college student who is pursuing a masters (at least) in communications (insert joke here). I have been a carpenter, musician, haberdasher, secretary, car-wash attendant, car transporter, and educator. I am currently preparing to transfer to Eastern Michigan University to get my Bachelors in Communication (minor in Philosophy) en route to said Masters.

I have lived my entire life in Delta County in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I love sports of all kinds (sorry, Nascar is  not a sport 😉 ) and even play a few of them. I proudly declare that I am a geek, and am attempting to re-claim the word from derision.

I tend to be happy and helpful, I attend a Unitarian Universalist congregation, and have been involved in the Delta County Arts scene for my entire life (literally).

I am also really busy, and during the writing of this post, more things came up and I am out of time.

I’ll be back,

The Mouth

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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